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Diana Webb, a Five-Time National Award-Winning Author, is the daughter of a child survivor of Nazi Germany. She has a J.D. degree and a B.A. in Psychology. After unjustly serving 12.5 years in federal prison for a crime she didn’t commit, and, also, experiencing a medical miracle in 2002, she decided to write The Butterfly Cometh sharing intense thought-provoking queries and realities about life.

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A motivational speaker and freelance writer, delight in a spiritual voyage through the intricate workings of the heart and mind with Diana’s Digital Devotions, E-Prayers, and I-Inspirationals. Truth tells us a bullet never trumps a principle, be it a nuclear warhead or pulling a Judas. Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses is no longer in Vogue. Until the soul stands naked and free, we can only see the world in shades of gray. When we rid ourselves of the garbage that we have accumulated, crushing our life force, glory shines in Technicolor.

Make today your first step in the dance of strengthening character, enhancing friendships, experiencing wisdom, and facing reality. Carry on!


The Butterfly Cometh offers powerful insight into putting the color back into life

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The book is a 171-day journey about being grateful in the gifts God gave us. It is a reflective odyssey into peeling back the onion layers of one’s life and seeing the true self. Life is about making things nicer for others. It is not about self anymore, nor is it about how many Benjamins we have in the bank. It is about how we love and how well we love in this world and whether we believe the sacrifice at Calvary was good enough. It is about how we labor in the vineyard of the purpose for which we were created.

In her book, author Diana Webb takes us on a unique sojourn during which the readeris encouraged to:

Moisturize the soul
Mend a hurt
Travel without so much baggage
Appreciate the little things
Sleep in serenity
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Reader Views:

2009 Silver Award


(Religion: Eastern/Western)

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Pinnacle Achievement

Award 2011 Best Book



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2010 Gold Medal



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The National Best Book Awards:

2009 Best Book



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Premier Book Awards:

2010 Best Book of the

Year Winner

(Religion/Spirituality) by unanimous decision

What People Are Saying

Lillian Polus Gerstner,

Director of Special Projects,

Illinois Holocaust Museum,

is thankful that it will be made available to educators, students and members of the community seeking information regarding the impact of the Holocaust and genocide.

Agustin Torres,

Jr., Director of Positive

Solutions for Life,

affirms that it is an earth-shattering reality check for we each may be the wiser to extend a listening ear.


John Neiman

enlightens that the hand of God is certainly present and will bring all who read closer to the light of Our Lord.

Cliff Johnsen,

President of EcoAdvantageRE, Inc.,

calls it a dynamic read which will change one's life forever.

Do you harbor dark secrets and painful memories?

Do you want to see all of life’s radiant colors?

Find peace in being your natural self. Attain a tranquil existence!